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BV6000 Review from around the Web

Reviews of BV6000 aggregated with summary

“An impressively tough handset which is a good all-rounder for those wanting a rugged phone with plentiful battery longevity.” - TechRadar (Read Full Review)

"All in all, Blackview BV6000 may not be perfect but it is a decent offering if you are in the market of IP68-certified phones. (4.5/5 Stars)” - Gizmo China (Read Full Review)

“the BV6000 is a great choice. Especially since it does feature some rather high-end internals – if you don’t mind a lower-resolution display. The BV6000 is also great for construction workers because it lasts all day.” - Android Headlines​ (Read Full Review)

There are not as many rugged phones as the conventional smartphones out there, and the ones that are out there are very pricey. Blackview BV6000 is a good rugged phone with exceptional characteristics, and every outdoor enthusiast should consider of getting one. - Xiaomi Today (Read Full Review)


What makes the device most pleasing though, is that the money you're paying is not only going towards a rugged device, but also one that will stand you in good stead when you're away from the type of environment it's designed to handle.

Will run of the mill consumers be drawn to the BV6000? Probably not, but those users that need a rugged IP68-rated device will also get one that has a solid array of specs to accompany it. - Tech Smart (Read Full Review)



The Blackview BV6000 is perfect for people who want durability above all else. It’s on par with the Cat60 – a phone made by a construction company that retails for almost $800. It’s also cheaper than the Samsung Rugby, which feels more like a toy compared to this phone.
It performs all standard tasks with ease. It works great as a phone, a web browser, and with basic applications. For the price, it’s an amazing deal, and will save you hundreds on replacement costs.

Even if you want a more powerful phone for indoor use, this phone is a must-have backup for construction workers, outdoorsmen, or anyone else who spends their time fighting the elements. - Android Tipster (Read Full Review)


The Blackview BV6000 gets an easy recommendation from us. Strangely, it lacks a notification LED, but beyond that it’s an excellent phone. The battery life is excellent, the ROM is super fluid and smooth, WiFi is excellent, GPS is great, and the display is a pleasure. - Gizbeat (Read Full Review)

For basic phone functionality based on my limited use, the screen looks great, phone call quality and volume is fantastic, and battery life is top notch. After 3 hours of setting up and testing everything the battery went from ~60% to 48%. The phone came with Google Play Store preinstalled, again something that every Chinese smartphone apparently does not. This is my first Android so I don't really have anything to compare to for features, but so far I like the "off screen gestures." There is an "SOS" and "PTT" button that I haven't played with yet. - User Review via Reddit