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INO Scout 2s VS BV6000

Ruggedized Phone Showdown Round 1

Disclaimer: This article will not be neutral partly because we distribute BV6000 (duh). But honestly there's no way we can be neutral because BV6000 is a better phone in many ways. Read more below to see why we think so:

Specs Comparison Table:

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What the specs mean:

Battery Life - Both units uses 4500mAH but BV6000 might come up slightly ahead because of Doze in Android 6.0. Doze keeps the battery drain low when you are not using the phone. BV6000 also supports fast charge at 9V/2A which can fill up the phone from zero to full in 2 hours.

Display Size - 4.7 on BV6000 vs 4.0 on INO Scout 2s. With most phones being 5.5 inches nowadays, the bigger BV6000 might be more familiar with most users. The resolution on Scout 2s is 854 x 480 and the resolution of BV6000 is 720p. In terms of PPI that would be 245 PPI on Scout 2s and 312 PPI on BV6000. This means that graphics especially text will look more crisp on BV6000 compared to Scout 2s. 

Performance -BV6000 has better processor ( 2016 octa core vs 2015 quad core), more RAM ( 3GB vs 2GB ) and newer Android version (6.0 vs 5.1.1). Experience wise it would be similar to like comparing Oppo R9 (same internals as BV 6000) vs Acer Liquid Z630 (same internals as INO scout 2s)

Military Compliance - There's no camera on INO Scout. On BV6000 there's a camera module and it is non removable. BV6000 will not be allowed in certain highly restricted military zones. 


Buy INO Scout if you absolutely need a ruggedized phone that has no camera. Otherwise buy BV6000, it has better performance, battery life and bigger screen.

Did we miss out anything? Share with us in the comment below.