Blackview Phones sold by Smart Walkie Pte Ltd

Smart Walkie Pte Ltd is the Global Agent for Blackview in Singapore. However Warranty of Blackview phones are only recognized if the smartphone was sold by us. If there is a manufacturer defect, we will do a 1-1 replacement within 14 days of purchase or repair if damage is covered within one year warranty. All repairs are done by an authorized service center using manufacturer parts.

Other Phones

Repair of Blackview phones that are not sold by us is up to management discretion. Please contact with the following details to obtain a repair quote.

  1. Phone Model
  2. When it was purchased
  3. Where it was purchased from
  4. Description of damage
  5. Picture of Front, back and 2 sides of phone

Do note that if we do repair your phone, your original warranty will be voided and replaced with a 3 month warranty for the replaced part.

Minor Replacement

Button Replacement: $65

Microphone: $75

SD Card/Sim: $75

Speaker: $75

Charging or USB Connector: $75

Camera Replacement: $110

Camera Lens replacement for Cracked Lense only: $75

New Battery: $75

Screw: $50

Special Modification

Rooting: $50

Camera Removal for Red Zone Use: $50

Factory Reset for Software Bricked: $50

Major Replacement

LCD Screen Broken/Crack: $150

Refurbishment of housing & new Screen: $195

Motherboard Replacement: $250

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