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BV6000 Sim Card

How to insert BV6000 Sim card & Enable Mobile Data so there is Internet.

Congrats on your purchase. As BV6000 is a rugged IP68 phone, you might see that it is harder to insert your SIM card. We are here to help you do that in 3 minutes.

What you need

1. BV6000

2. The flat screw driver that you allows you to open the back case.

3. Micro Size SIM Card


1. Using the provided screw driver, unscrew 2 screens at the back.

2. Pry open the back case.

3. Using your finger, remove the rubber cover.

You should see as the SIM 1, SIM 2 and SD card slot as below.

broken image

4. Insert your Micro SIM Card. (Note the where the slanted part of your sim card should face.)

5. Restart your phone. (If you do not restart, the phone will still say no SIM)

6. After restart, see if there is a sign showing G/3G/4G a the top of the display.

7. Select SIM card for Calls/Data